Weekend Roundup: Showtime

Why not take some time to enjoy the arts on campus and in the city this weekend? On Saturday night alone, Swat is hosting a Russian folk and vocal music concert at Bond, the 38th annual English-Scottish Ball in Tarble, the Faculty and Friends Dance Concert in LPAC, and “Redefining Afrolatinidad” at Olde Club. In addition to Swat events, there are several excellent shows running in Philadelphia this weekend.

How do you make people fall in love? Build a wall between their houses, create a false family feud, and forbid them from seeing one another. This is precisely the plan hatched by two determined fathers in “The Fantasticks.” The longest running show in American history, it will be playing this weekend at Innovation Studio. The misadventures of the young lovers and meddlesome parents make the show charming, thoughtful play.

“Cyrano” the opera adaptation of “Cyrano de Bergerac,” is premiering this weekend at the Academy of Music. The swashbuckling hero, Cyrano, is in love with Roxane. Though he has a heart of gold and a way with words, Cyrano is no match for the handsome yet uninspired Christian, also in love with Roxane. Christian further complicates matters by seeking out Cyrano’s assistance in writing love letters to Roxane. Those currently embroiled in the subterfuge and absurdity of planning screw dates will appreciate this story for its portrayal of how delicate and disastrous romance can be.

For those already sick of all of this lovey-dovey stuff, there’s always “Avenue Q,” the extremely popular and hilariously un-PC musical which has produced such brilliant songs as “It Sucks to Be You” and my personal favorite, “What Do You Do with a B.A. in English?” “Avenue Q” will be playing all weekend at the Forest Theater.

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