What Are Those Things On Our Lights?

Mark J. Dumic, Associate Director of Networking and Telecommunications, tells us that “those boxes are outdoor wireless access points that were recently installed as part of this year’s wireless network expansion.”

With new access points on Parrish lawn, “we now provide coverage for about the top 3/4 of Parrish lawn.” You may not be able to take much advantage of it now that winter has begun, but over the summer outdoor wireless access was also improved on Willets Lawn, Kohlberg Quad, Sharples Patio, Wharton Courtyard, the outdoor track by the Fieldhouse, and the Science Center Terrace among others.

Got questions? Take advantage of the new wireless on Parrish and send them our way at dailygazette [at] swarthmore [dot] edu.

Photograph by Miles Skorpen

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    Leoben Conoy says:

    And here I was worried about big silvery humanoid robots with oscillating red eyes and guns for hands and a dang old mob made up of 7 different people repeating over and over again showing up at Paces.

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