Crooks Make Off with Library Monitor

Last Monday, an unidentified individual appears to have taken a bolt cutter to a McCabe computer. The computer was located in the basement of McCabe near the men’s room.

lopped_computer_cable.jpgEven the keyboard’s cable was cut.

“The security cable was cut, and they even cut the cables connecting the keyboard and the CPU to the monitor,” said Alison Masterpasqua, McCabe’s Access & Lending Services Supervisor. The crooks did not take the actual computer, however, a decision Masterpasqua didn’t understand.

She also noted that the alarms at the side entrances were not triggered, which suggests the crook “must have used the main entrance.”

Owen Redgrave, the Director of Public Safety, told the Gazette that there were no clues. “We started with limited leads,” he said ruefully, “and we haven’t grown any since.” Still, he added, “the whole library is on alert.”


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