Interview with Artist Adrian Davalos

Adrian Davalos ’09 currently has a one-man show at the Kitao Gallery titled DisIntegration. Open hours for his show are Saturday from 3-5pm, Sunday from 12-2pm, and Monday from 4-6pm.

DG: How do you get a show at the Kitao Gallery?

I contacted the gallery over the summer. I wanted to see the progress of my work over time.

DG: Is there a theme to your work?

There is an underlying theme of integration into a society and figuring out your place in society. It’s about self-reflection and how we give and take from each other. It is mostly about self-reflexivity.

DG: What was your experience like in London last semester?

They gave me a studio space to do anything I wanted. Then there were a few seminars on painting, sculpture and media; however, there were no formal classes.

DG: Did being away for a semester affect your art?

In the beginning, I wanted to delve into what the city was about but towards the end, I thought about issues that were personal to me.

DG: When did you first consider being an artist for your career?

I always had an inclination towards visual things, but I didn’t consider being an artist until I got to Swarthmore.

DG: What is your favorite type of medium?

Printmaking and screen-printing. I’m drawn to it because of its graphic nature. I’m interested in mainstream media and how that effects everyone and the choices we make.

DG: Do you know what you want to do when you graduate from Swarthmore?

I’d like to do something in graphic design or advertising.