Ask the DG: Sharples and AC?

abbadi.jpgby Carolyn Whipple

Sweaty Swatties rejoice–air conditioning is finally being installed in Sharples for a price tag of $900,000. Stuart Hain, Vice President of Facilities, explained that “we have been aware that the conditions in that building can be really uncomfortable for both students and staff this time of year and in the spring.”

Furthermore, continued Hain “the project gives us the opportunity to replace the 43 year old air handling units,” which have heated Sharples for years but have never had a cooling capacity.

Why now and not 43 years ago? When Sharples was built in 1964, “nobody was here in the summer… because we’re using the building more and more for summer programs, it just made sense.”

Hain was not entirely sure when the installation would be complete, but “we have to have it back together for winter heating, so I’m guessing October.”


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