Student Council 411

Student Council had many successes last year (the ITS calendar initiative, class syllabi on Blackboard) but is also still in the middle of many projects, some of which were discussed at the first public meeting of the new semester.

After diversity issues came to the fore during last semester’s election process, Student Council wants to prioritize them during this semester.

Before school started, Council members met with outside facilitators from a group called Training for Change about privilege and anti-oppression work. They are also planning to meet with leaders from the Intercultural Center and the Black Cultural Center.

After several years of nobody asking for seed money available for new student groups, Student Council decided to phase out that part of its budget last year. Now that it’s gone, of course, people have been asking for it. Student Council is working on procuring those funds from SBC.

Other initiatives planned for this semester:
* Meeting with Connie Hungerford and Martin Warner about “Thanksgiving in the Spring”.
* Talking to Al Bloom about a universal key card system.
* Creating a quiet communal space for students to study after McCabe closes.
* Making the shuttle to Strath and ML run more often.
* Surprise, surprise–Council will be meeting with Linda McDougall about soft serve ice cream, freshman meal plans, and extending the hours at Sharples and Tarble.

From now on, Student Council will be having their public meetings Sunday at 3 PM in the Parrish mailroom. Stop by and say hello!

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