Public Safety Checks, Clears Bomb Threats

Director of Public Safety Owen Redgrave reports that a “very non-specific” bomb threat was e-mailed to the Admissions Office at about 2:40 PM on Friday. Students and faculty were informed in an “Awareness Bulletin” at 4:15 PM.

“We immediately referred it to the Police Department, who then referred it to Delaware County’s District Attorney’s office… they have a department that deals with terrorism,” explains Redgrave. A meeting was held on campus to decide on a course of action.

“We’re fortunate that we’re exceptionally well-staffed on Fridays,” said Redgrave. The six officers on duty were able to conduct a “systematic search of virtually all college buildings… they didn’t find anything.” The communications center was also staffed by an additional person for the duration of the search, as community members were instructed to report suspicious packages.

Similar threats were sent to over a dozen other colleges and universities around the country last week, none of which materialized. Haverford, Bryn Mawr, and Penn did not receive threats.

Public Safety is still “on increased alert”, but the bomb threats are a federal issue now, as “the FBI has been assigned to look at similarities between the threats and to identify their source.”

Orientation Week was otherwise uneventful, says Redgrave, as no incidents were reported to Public Safety.

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