Student Council Report

The “Thanksgiving in the Spring” initiative was presented to Curriculum Committee, where discussion was tabled until next semester. Although frustrated by this setback, Student Council is continuing to meet with the administration about the initiative.

Elections are coming up–if you’re considering running for President, Campus Life Rep, Educational Policy Rep, Student Groups Advisor, or Budget Rep, remember that platforms will likely be due by April 23rd, and a candidate forum will be held sometime later that week.

Also upcoming is a fireside chat sponsored by the College Budget Committee and the College Planning Committee featuring President Al Bloom and Vice-President for Finance and Treasurer Suzanne Welsh. This chat is an attempt to make students more informed about the college budget, and the 2025 planning process will be discussed in light of budgetary concerns.

After writing a platform and learning about the budget, there’s also a chance to unwind in the near future–Council spent much of the meeting discussing their annual movie night, which will be held on May 5th.

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