Safety Officer Paul Rodgers found in the Science Center

Last Friday, Paul Rodgers was reported missing. After a campus-wide search, he was found dead in the Science Center. At this time, very little is known about how Mr. Rodgers died. According to Melanie Young, Swarthmore College’s Associate Vice President of Human Resources, “It is assumed he died earlier [Friday] while working on a project,” but it will be six or more weeks before the cause of death is determined.

Mr. Rodgers had worked as Swarthmore’s Occupational and Environmental Safety Officer since 2001. His job included briefing newly certified van drivers on safety and maintaining rigorous safety procedures around hazardous chemicals. Those he worked with “held him in high esteem,” both for “his professional expertise and his personal warmth.”

A viewing will be held on January 25th. Further details can be found in January 23rd’s [students] mailing.

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