Middle Eastern Film Festival goes beyond the headlines

This year, the Middle Eastern Film Festival will showcase several movies that depict everyday life in the Middle East. Fahra Ghannam, Peace Studies professor and the overseer of the series, chose a variety of internationally recognized films. They focus on issues other than what Swatties get in the daily news- you won’t too much war or conflict in these films.

Indeed, Professor Ghannam’s favorite picks center around women and children. “Umm Kulthum” tells the story of the most famous Arabic and Egyptian singer, a woman who counters the stereotypical woman many picture. “Children of Heaven,” recently shown, is a work about a young brother and sister’s conflict.

The films will appeal to those who have very little familiarity with this area of the world, as well as those second and third-year Arabic students in our midst. The issues of poverty, urban versus rural life, religion, and the everyday interactions between people are universal experiences- and the lush scenery depicted is universally appealing.

“The audience, I am sure, could relate to [the films] in different ways and on different levels.” So if you’re looking to brush up on your language skills or check out a new culture, you are sure to find something you love!

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