SaBooge Theater brings atmospheric “Fathom” to campus

SaBooge Theatre consists of five actors, two musicians in one unique combination. This Saturday they will bring “a new kind of theater” to Swarthmore in their original production, Fathom.

SaBooge Theatre carries on the tradition of Jacques Lecoq, who began life as a physical education instructor and developed one of the most famous methods of acting in his time and ours.In “an exquisite synthesis of rigorous training and ongoing investigation of what it means to be more-physical than human,” according to the Irish Examiner.

Fathom promises to be a thrill ride. The action centers in Tasmania around a convicted mother and her son who battle with the locals while dealing with their torrid pasts. It is a must-see for those interested in experimental theater, fierce drama, or Canadian accents-the company members hail from Montreal, the UK, and our very own United States. They are united in the pursuit of something new every performance and heralded for their efforts thus far. Fathom has garnered prestige at four international film festivals to date and, according to the Victoria News, “SaBooge has a firm handle on quirky.” Catch the insanity tomorrow evening at 8 pm in the Frear Ensemble Theater in the Lang Performing Arts Center.

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