HodgePodge: Swat’s newest, craftiest club

This Thursday, September 15th, Swat’s new arts-and-crafts club, HodgePodge, will be having its first meeting in Kohlberg 226. Whether you’re an experienced origami artist, or just able to cut with scissors, this is the club for you.

HodgePodge is a crafty club where members can engage in any kind of creative activity that they want. Supplies will be provided such as paper, glue, sewing materials, etc. HodgePodge also has plans for the semester that include field trips to Philly to visit craft fairs, bringing in local artisan guest speakers, and participating in a craft fair or two. There will also be workshops for people to learn new techniques and skills.

Alicia de los Reyes and Megan Schuster came up with the idea for HodgePodge last year and, along with Meg Perry and Corlett Wood they hope to get it up and running this semester. “Our overarching goal is clear, however: to use the word “crafty” as much as possible,” says de los Reyes.

This is going to be a very fun and relaxing club and everyone is welcome to come, regardless of experience. “We welcome all who are looking to have a crafty experience, from the closet paper-flower maker to the master embroiderer,” says de los Reyes.

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