Parrish renovation entering completion

Swarthmore’s oldest building, Parrish Hall, has been going through construction all throughout the summer. With autumn on its way, the residents of Parrish can soon expect the completion of the project.

Yesterday marked the first day that the construction barrier on the second floor was removed. After fall break, more administrative offices will be completed in Parrish. The Phone a Thon space will be completed, soon to be followed by the Admissions Office. The credit union, which are currently located in Kohlberg will shift to Parrish, but the date is still uncertain. Concerns over the fire hazards in Parrish has led to sprinkler works.

Providing relief to residents of Parrish, the east elevator is set to be able for use by the October break. The fourth floor lounge, said to be equipped with a big-screen television, vending machines and a new kitchen is also due to be complete by October break.

Hopefully, students will have their place to relax, adds Parrish 3rd RA Valerie Maulbeck ’06. Though the third floor of Parrish is residential, the middle ground between Parrish East and West will possibly be converted to an area for tours and other purposes for the Office of Admissions.

Though other residence halls have study areas and public computers, residents of Parrish do not have printers and computers for use. The computer resources were originally supposed to be available to residents of Parrish during orientation, but this has been delayed to a later date, possibly by mid-September. If no delays, the Parrish renovation will finally be complete in October, and the building should be fully available for the administration and residents.

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