Earthlust successful in bringing cleaner power to campus

Earthlust, Swarthmore’s environmental group, recently finished a campaign that will allow for more of the campus’s power to be wind generated. Wind power will now represent 1,464,000 kWh, or 8.1% of the total power used by Swarthmore College. This total is almost triple the 500,000 kWh that came from wind power last year.

This past spring semester and part of summer vacation, Earthlust raised $3,374.50 as part of the campaign. As per an earlier agreement, Facilities matched this figure, and the additional $6,749.00 was used to purchase 974,000 kWh more than last year. According to Kavita Hardy ’08, one of Earthlust’s co-coordinators, most of the money raised came through student purchases of Earthlust mugs. Hardy mentioned that the mugs can be used at the Dining Services coffee bars for drinks at a discounted price. Faculty contributed money towards Earthlust’s effort, and donations were also accepted online.

Hardy noted that the “energy purchase was only for a very limited contract,” and that, “Earthlust needs to continue working with the school to reach a more permanent policy of wind energy.”

Earthlust has a variety of other plans for this year. These include recycling on campus, political lobbying, conservation, and education dealing with environmental issues. Hardy added, “Earthlust encourages any and all concerned students to help support efforts to keep the world green.” Earthlust meets on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. in Kohlberg 115.

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