Weekend roundup

Perhaps you’ve heard that there’s a football game on Sunday. Even a few Swarthmore students may rouse themselves to watch the Super Bowl. We even hear that Philadelphia is playing. So take a little break and try to find some team spirit, or at least watch the commercials. If you crave a more enthusiastic crowd, the Philadelphia Inquirer suggests Chickie & Pete’s, a sports bar with multiple locations (the biggest is at 15th Street and Packer Avenue, near the stadium) described as “as handsome as a big sports bar can be.”

If football isn’t your thing, try “7-11,” a benefit party at Silk City. Eleven DJs will spin seven sides from seven 7-inch records which promise a great variety of current club music. Admission is $3, which will go to United Communities Southeast Philadelphia. Or do you like sketch comedy? The Waitstaff, a troupe of writers, actors and comedians will make you laugh. They play the first Friday of every month (that’s tonight, folks) at The Five Spot, at 5 South Bank Street in the Old City. Admission is $15.

On campus, Friday will be quiet but Saturday features two large, SAC funded parties, the ambitious (and dry) Destination party, which will strive for a rave atmosphere, and the “21 Club,” which promises good food, drinks, and Paris Hilton. We’re not sure how they’re managing that last one.

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