Swarthmore novices excel in Bryn Mawr debate tournament

Swarthmore debaters braved snow and freezing winds last weekend to compete at the Bryn Mawr College Debate Tournament. Sonya Hoo ’05 and Emily Tredeau ’06 finished as the 5th place team overall, Christopher Ford ’07 and Garth Sheldon-Coulson ’07 the 6th place team overall, and Julie Baker ’08 and Sam Asarnow ’08 the 7th place team overall. Baker and Asarnow also took home the 1st place novice team award. Also finishing high in the novice team lineup were Trude Raizen ’08 and Daniel Putnam ’08 as 2nd place novice team, Molly Piels ’08 and JeeYoung Oh ’08 as 4th place novice team, and Natalie Bowlus ’08 and Stephanie Charpentier ’08 as 5th place novice team.

In the rankings for individual speaking, Christopher Ford placed 4th overall. Julie Baker placed 6th overall and 2nd in the novice division. Sam Asarnow was the 3rd place novice speaker, Daniel Putnam placed 7th novice, and Molly Piels placed 8th novice.

Thanks to Garth Sheldon-Coulson for providing the results.

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