Summer roundup

The summer roundup is, by itself, in sort of a precarious existential position. How can it purport to cover potential activities for Swarthmore students who will be doing all manner of interesting things in all sorts of interesting places this summer? Well, it purports to do just that without any further justification! Here’s a grab bag of things you might want to do to pass some time this summer:

1) Go home. Seriously. You may be in love with your Mary Lyons basement single with an economy of natural light, but it might do you good to get back to your hometown. Your parents, relatives, and friends miss you, even if you don’t really miss them all that much. Give a little back and visit the folks and your old haunts.

2) Read a trashy novel/something you’ve always wanted to read. If you’re a natural sciences major, *gasp* you might want to dig into some of the canon of Shakespeare. I highly recommend Bill Bryson’s works to anyone, without regard for interests–he’s a travel writer who writes hilarious, yet thoughtful, commentary on his voyages. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

3) Go sailing. This is a shameless plug for the best sport on the face of the earth.

4) In Philly? Go hang out at the Manet and the Sea exhibit at the Museum of Art. It’s a bit expensive, but Manet’s expressive style is incredibly soothing and awe-inspiring. It’s mo-net well spent.

5) In Swarthmore? Bike/run/walk the trail that parallels I-476. You can get there by going down past the Strath Haven condos, past the waterfall, and taking a right onto the first street. Follow that street up to the underpasses, and look for a wooden footbridge on your right. This is an incredibly pretty trail that meanders past the last remnants of a long-forgotten building. If you want to follow it through, take the road you end up on, follow it to a stop-sign, hang a right, and go up the hill, and you’ll be back on the Baltimore Pike. Take a right and you’ll be right near campus. You can also just reverse your route.

Those are my picks for the summer. Stay safe, have fun, and think of all of your friends here at school. See you next fall!

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